It’s Kinda Funny

It’s kinda funny how life just gets you. Sometimes it’s a slow gnawing that eventually leads to a collapse. Or other times it’s just one gigantic tsunami that just sweeps you off your feet, leaving you to drown in to do’s.

It’s kinda funny how emotions should bring sustenance to your experience. And yet, you feel a chilling void of nothingness. Or perhaps, you just feel so overwhelmed, a weight so heavy that is impossible to get out from under it.

It’s kinda funny how nothing goes exactly according to plan. It is almost as if something is controlling the world around you with a seemingly illogical sense of humour. As if it is relishing in misfortune and mayhem.

It’s kinda funny, it’s kinda funny. But is it really? Is life and living a sick joke being controlled by something else, someone else? Or is it just that the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” has not been seen yet? Or maybe even too far away to hope for?

It’s kinda funny, it’s kinda funny? Maybe I will go along with this, maybe it will even get better. Perhaps if I don’t let it get to me, or let it know that it is getting to me, it will leave me alone. Maybe it will decide I am too boring to mess with.

It’s kinda funny how I have chosen to keep going. I guess I should just keep going, just to spite it.

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