Introversion and its links to Night Owlism: a not so scientific study

Alright so I’m not a scientist nor am I a qualified professional, but hey these are my opinions and observations on myself, so you can’t really complain.

To begin, I am an introvert with social anxiety, which is a great pairing I must say. I do not like going out nor do I particularly like meeting new people. So if you haven’t already used your powers of deduction, I shall spell it out for you (literally, because you are reading this and you kinda have to know how to spell so… haha…), I do not go to parties at all, but I do stay up late partyin’ with Netflix and books in my pajamas (not really partying, more like sitting quietly in bed… but hey it’s a party of one).

I love night time. It is usually the time I get the most done. I prefer to study at night for a number of reasons; one, its quieter because almost everyone is sleeping and there aren’t too many loud noises outside, two, no one comes and bothers me like they do in the library during the day (for some reason people do not understand that when a person has earphones in they DO NOT want to be disturbed or talked to by a stranger) and three, it is a lot cooler at night than during the day (this is a good thing, because where I live in the southern hemisphere it’s kinda hard to concentrate when you’re sweating your life away, even in an air-conditioned room).  

These reasons also work for other activities such as reading and watching Netflix, and as such I spend most of my nights awake happily not bothered by the awful day time, although there are some issues when it comes to having to wake up early the next day, which sometimes result in me falling asleep in class, or taking naps most of the afternoon.

I am most definitely not a morning person. I usually don’t speak for a minimum of 30 minutes after I have woken up nor do I enjoy being spoken to. If I am spoken to I usually give some non-verbal answer like shaking or nodding my head or do some primal grunting to answer, and if that is not the answer they were looking for, I couldn’t be bothered to answer. I am usually only wide awake after an hour or two of me having woken up, so that says something about how much of a morning person I am.

So, as I have said I’m a socially anxious introvert who enjoys the night time (so I guess I could be called a night owl, because I am most definitely not an early bird). I have sort of linked the two, like a said I’m no professional nor am I a scientist so that’s my link, social anxiety and the lack of a desire to actually change out of my pajamas. (I guess this wasn’t much of a scientific study, but like the title says it’s a not so scientific study (so don’t at me bro) ).

I can’t speak for all the other introverts out there (or the ambiverts because that’s a thing) but me, I’m an introverted night owl, or to put it another way a night owlish introvert 😉. And to be quite frank, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything nor do I have any desire to have that desire.

And, that my dear folks is the not so scientific study of the link between introversion and night owlism by me 😊

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