New Year New Me is a Bunch of Crap

Alright so, it’s finally 2019. Time for all the “New Year New Me” posts and people sharing their New Year’s Resolutions with the world. But let me tell you, “New Year New Me” is a bunch of crap. Now don’t come at me, hear me out.

So first off, this year started on a Tuesday, a Tuesday! Who likes Tuesdays? It’s one of the worst days of the week. I mean it’s right after Monday and like even the word “Tuesday” is not a nice word. Now why am I going off on poor old Tuesday, well who starts something in the middle of something? i.e. staring your NeW yEaRs ReSoLuTiOn in the middle of the week. Yes, I Know Tuesday is either the second or third day of the week depending on what day of the week you start on, but you get my point (I hope…).

So, the first reason was why start something in the middle of something, not the most eloquent way of getting my point across but hey, I don’t really care, and anyway I think I get my point across fine.

Secondly you can’t just change overnight. By change I mean mind set. If you’re going to write a stupid list of things you plan on doing the day after New Year’s Eve, do you really think that you’re going to start on that list immediately? No, because the majority of the worlds adults (and adolescents, don’t kid yourselves parents) decide to drink themselves into a stupor to see the New Year in. And then you’ve just got a hang over the entity of January first, do you really think you’re going to start with that headache? And those of us who don’t drink, stay up late and then are tired, and don’t really want to start our resolutions while slightly sleep deprived.

So, think about it if you’re going to make a list, why not just start it a week later, but by then you’ve probably lost all that “New Year New Me” energy and motivation and think, “I’ll just try again next year”, but it never changes, and you’re stuck in this endless cycle of trying again next year.

Finally, most people don’t go through with their resolutions. For example, one of the most popular resolutions is going to the gym and losing weight. But did you know that around 60% of the gym memberships bought in January go unused. So those people who are not using their memberships just wasted money for no reason. There is also the fact that people want instant results, no matter what they are doing, be it learning a new skill or losing weight. They don’t realise the amount of work and time it takes. And as such they just give up because they didn’t get results within a week.

Now I’m not shaming anyone who does make New Year’s Resolutions (I mean I still make them even if I don’t always complete all of them), I’m guilty of a few of these issues that I have raised (I don’t drink alcohol, but I am a chronic procrastinator, so the putting off of the resolutions is something that I have done). I just see people who think that they can immediately change themselves (which I admit I have done in the past) and know that that is a bunch of baloney, crap, whatever you want to call it.

 So, my advice is make a few achievable short-term goals as well as one or two long term goals, this is so when you achieve the short-term goal you will feel more motivated to continue on to the next goal, and continue working on that long term goal.

So Happy New Year Folks. Hope your 2019’s will be better than your 2018’s and that you achieve a short-term goal or two 😊

And that’s all folks.

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