Movie Review: Bird Box

Bird Box
Image from: IMDb

Alright so, another movie review because I have no social life and as such I just sit and watch movies. This time though it is not a film that is quite old, it is a recent release (so perhaps this will make me relevant).

Quick synopsis (no spoilers). A woman tries to reach a safe haven in the outside world with her two children. The catch being that they cannot go outside without blindfolds because if they look upon this entity thing, they become suicidal and will kill themselves (which I was just clarifying the definition of suicide). The story jumps between the start of the suicide epidemic and the women and her children.

I quite enjoyed Bird Box, even if I was a little scared while watching it. Now I have never seen a horror film (unless you count the scary animation Monster House, then I’ve seen one), and so I had thought (when watching the trailer for Bird Box) that this was a horror. Turns out it is classified as a “post-apocalyptic thriller” (so no horror, lucky me) and I quite enjoy a good thriller.

Now let me tell you there were twists (I mean not like complete 180s, but twists none the less) which was good entertainment and Sandra Bullock as Mallorie (the main character) was a good choice. I plan on reading the book that the screenplay was based off of (Bird Box by Josh Malerman) to compare to how well it came across on the screen.

8/10, because I enjoyed it and the little suspense moments were good.

All in all, I recommend if you’re into a bit of thriller with a dash of apocalypse added to the mix.

And that’s all folks.

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