Reading Journey Part III

Alright so, as I mentioned in Part I, I enjoyed Nancy Drew. This is what I now believe began my slight obsession with mystery/murder/solving type things.

I started to look for novels that included the mystery. I was looking in the library at school and had discovered a book (I can’t remember what, but I know it was good) in my school library by none other than James Patterson. I read this book in a day. I enjoyed it so much that when I went to the public library I think the only books I took out were by him. I made sure that they were stand alone as personally I’m not particularly fond of series of books (even now), because then you have to read them in order and then if you can’t find one  you have to stop reading the series because of the one book (but I have found that some series may have the same main character but don’t necessarily have to be read in order of first published, but I’ll get to that later).

I think that I got through all of those within a week. He just writes in a way that you have to continue reading. This may because his chapters are extremely short (in the ones I have read. I haven’t read all of them) and are often left on cliff hangers. I’m the kind of person who enjoys closure (when it comes to books, movies, series and the like) and as such I would have to keep reading all through the night.

I guess James Patterson could have been my introduction to adult fiction (not to be confused with erotica, which I don’t read). Although I was reading James Patterson I was still reading YA. I would try and read the “fad” books of the time like the Divergent series and The Maze Runner Trilogy, but it still wasn’t really fulfilling. I was racing through YA books trying to find something that I could read over and over.

I was in grade 9 at the time when I decided to give Angels and Demons a try. Now my mother is a big Dan Brown fan and owns all the Robert Langdon (which is the main character in a majority of Dan Browns novels. And a big bonus is you don’t really have to read them in order, so that makes me happy 😊 ) books. Let me tell you, I just about devoured this book. It was so good and unlike anything I had ever read before. I wanted to read more of his books. This was my true introduction to Adult Fiction.

Adult Fiction Books

I started out slowly. When I went to the library I would still get a few YA to balance out the kind of heavy themes tackled in the Adult Fiction I was reading.  But I slowly began to wean myself off the YA fiction (which I, to be deadly honest, still occasionally read a few. For example, I recently read Turtles All the Way Down by John Green, which wasn’t half bad).

I was (and still am) really into reading crime and mystery thrillers (I have read all Dan Brown’s books, which I still love), I even read a series by James Paterson (I know right, me actually reading a series, shocking 😉 ), the Women’s Murder Club, which if you’re looking for strong female leads, I highly recommend (just be warned it is an extremely long series with around 18 instalments). But I wanted to try something out that was different to what I usually read

Now I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to cheesy romance, I mean I watch rom-coms as a guilty pleasure. A friend of mine was really into Nora Roberts, so I decided to try out her books. Let me tell you there is a reason why she has published so many books. Now I’m not saying this is all I ever read, but I do enjoy a good Nora Roberts book every now and then (because a nice happy ending is kinda what I need every now and then).

Now we have reached the present, I still read for pleasure (even if it is not as much as I used to). I still enjoy murder/crime-solving/ thriller and the occasional Nora Roberts. I am branching out slowly, I tried reading a book with some heavy themes this year that last year I don’t think I would have been able to read, and I really enjoyed it (it’s She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb, one of my all-time favourites now).

So, I guess that’s it. My Reading Journey in 3 parts. Hopefully you enjoyed reading about my experiences. If you have any book recommendations is really like to hear them 😊

And that’s all folks.

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