Reading Journey Part II

Alright so quick recap, I started my reading journey and am now on Junior Fiction Books

Junior Fiction Books (Continued)

Grade 4 was not too eventful, although I did finally read all the Harry Potter books after trying and failing to get through The Goblet of Fire 4 times. Oddly enough, The Goblet of Fire is my favourite of all the books. I am also quite a Potter fan. I also got quite into Nancy drew after getting a few books for my birthday. I loved trying to predict who did it and the whole process of solving the mystery.

In grade 5 I decided to read the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now I’m 11 at this time and thought I could handle it. Let me tell you, I took that thing to school every day, sat in the library everyday (because I had no friends as according to some people in my class, books were my best friends. I mean they were one of the only constant forces in my life besides my family, but that story is for another time) for a week, and did not even get past the first page… (I still haven’t read it, but I like the movies so perhaps one day I’ll pluck up the courage to tackle the fantasy masterpiece). So, I decided to stick to Junior fiction and was slowly reading more lengthier books.

Young Adult Fiction Books

Grade 6 was when I decided to venture into reading Young Adult fiction. Now I had read the Hunger Games trilogy, didn’t realise that it was in this section, because I had found it in my grades section of my school’s library. I enjoyed it and wanted to read more books like it, one of my siblings told me that there was a whole section filled with books like it.  I decided to look in the section at our local library which thus began my obsession with Meg Cabot, the author of the quite unknown series of books, The Princess Diaries (for those of you who haven’t quite caught it, that was sarcasm). I feel now like I had read every single book written by this lady. I guess I started with the first princess Diaries book because of my love of the movie.

Grade 7 rolled around, and I was reading some long novels from my parents and siblings book shelves and was looking for new things to read. A girl who also read quite a lot (and quite mature books for her age, I mean she was reading Jodie Picoult at 13, so… quite mature if I do say so myself) mentioned that she had all the Twilight books and so I naturally asked her if I could borrow them,

Now some back story on why I wanted to read about vampires in the first-place. Grade 5 was the year when the “weirdo” of my grade (I mean I guess I was also a weirdo, I mean books for friends, but this girl was coo-coo. She cut the whiskers off of her dead cats, yes cats, kept them in a box and once brought one of them to school. It’s kind of terrifying if you’re an 11 year old and some girl decides to show you her dead cats whiskers) had a Twilight themed birthday party. Now I wasn’t invited because, obviously I had no friends, but I had heard about Twilight and had seen the second movie New Star or something (jokes I know it’s New Moon, it was just a joke, don’t come at me Twilight fandom). I didn’t particularly understand what was going on (I guess it may have been because I hadn’t seen the first movie, but I highly doubt that 😉). And that is the reason why I decided to read these books. To be honest I wasn’t one of those obsessive fans/ fangirls or whatever, I just happened to like the stories (but boy do I regret it now)

So, to continue, I got all 4 from her and started to read. To be honest I don’t remember much because I power housed though them and finished them within a week. I decided to watch the films… now I have seen the Twilight series at least 3 times and read the books multiple times as well. I am not too happy about this period of my life, because all of that was a waste of time. I could have been discovering some new fantastic book, but no, I had to go and reread Twilight and re-watch the movies. I even read her other novel the Host. I must admit it is better than Twilight, but still a bit of a disaster.

Now grade 8 is when I think I discovered my all-time favourite author and favourite genre

In Part III the Journey continues. Tune in tomorrow 😉

And that’s all folks.

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