Reading Journey Part I

Alright, so today I went to the library, a place I’m particularly quite fond of. Why is a question you may ask, is it the quite solitude I find there because of me being an introvert? or is it the books, the knowledge contained between two pieces of reinforced paper (or hard paper, card board, I don’t know, but we shall go with paper)? For me is both.

I enjoy reading (not that I read as much as I used to, because YouTube and Netflix are thing which promotes my not so healthy binge-watching habit). In my home growing up there were book shelves in every room (except for the bathroom, which I mean, let’s be honest, would be quite gross to have poo particles and other gross things embedded in the pages). Reading is something my parents, I wouldn’t say forced upon my siblings and I, but you can hardly escape the shelves if you’re living there. I remember always looking at picture books as a young child and my father reading my siblings and I novels. One memory is of my father reading to one of my siblings the entire Chronicle of Narnia series.

There are different parts to my reading journey and the discovery of my favourite genres and what I don’t and do like to read. So, I shall split them up in to sections.

Picture Books

In grades 1-3 we had readers, which as the name implies, helped us learn to read (duh) and there was a card that had to be signed and dated by the adult that was listening to you doing your reading homework. By the end of grade 1 my mother (who was the adult listening to me read) allowed me to read on my own (which was usually in my head, because I was a kool kid) and would sign the card when I had finished the book.

I guess I loved to read anything I could get my hands on, I’d try to read the words on the book covers in my house, so perhaps this was my additional not required homework of sorts 😊 ( I also liked to, and still do, read the ingredients on the various bottled items in my home, which include condiments and shampoo bottles).

During this time my mother would take us to the public library and let us all choose books. Since I was little I gravitated to the colourful picture books with interesting covers. I would then attempt to read them, and if a difficult word cropped up, I would as how to say it and what it meant. I was able to start reading chapter books (obviously small few paged large typed, illustrated books) but I guess it was quite intimidating to an 7 year old all these big shelves with books with only words and hardly if any (because I thought chapter books had to have only words) no pictures. We still went to the library around every 3 weeks or so on Saturdays and I would choose puzzle adventure books and picture books.

Junior Fiction Books

Grade 2 was when little old 8-year-old me decide to venture into the dreaded Junior chapter book section. My parents never rushed my siblings and I’s development in reading, they just allowed our natural curiosity to guide us to what we wanted to read (obviously they didn’t let an 8-year-old try and read Pillars of the Earth or the likes). I gravitated towards Roald Dahl with the scratchy illustrations of Quentin Blake and the first chapter book (if I recall correctly, but I don’t trust my memory) that I read was The Twits. This book was brilliant, it made me laugh and realised that these big ol’ scary paper books were not so bad at all. So, I was reading Roald Dahl’s thinner books at the time and slowly began to peruse the shelves for new and exciting titles, and I think this was when I truly fell in love with reading.

In grade 3 I slowly ventured into chapter books with no illustrations at all, and this is when my love of reading really bloomed into a passion. I would get give or take 5 books from the library (my parents let my siblings and I use their library cards so that we could take out more books than our own cards would let us) and when we arrived back home I would immediately start reading. I would power through at least 1 book in that afternoon. I would read and read and read. The first thing I would do when I woke up is read (if it was during school holidays) and I would always have a book in my school bag. This was also the year I tried to read Harry Potter.

I shall leave it here because I don’t want this post to go on for too long. Tomorrow I shall post the next part of the story. So, tune in for Part II 😉

And that’s all folk.

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