An Event of Fortunate Series

Alright, so this is my favourite series list  (not all but some). As always, I’m going to explain my reasons for why I like them. As always with me, they are in no particular order, because I don’t play favourites.

I don’t really have one particular “genre”, or whatever, of show, so these are all over the board.

1 – The Mentalist

This show, I have to say, personally is a master piece of crime fiction. The characterisation of Patrick Jane by Simon Baker was just fantastic. I like crime fiction, I enjoy to watch and read it (bit of a morbid queen aren’t I, likening to watch murder?). If you love watching people solve crime and murder, then I highly highly recommend it.

2 – Friends

This is a show that I watched for the first time this year. Once again, I am late to the partay. I thought, before I watched it that it was entirely overrated and a bit, dare I say, basic. But I know get why people love it so much. The characters (especially Joey and Phoebe) were well done. I enjoyed the fact that the episodes were short, so it was very binge worthy. I think I watched the entire show (that is 10 seasons) in just over a month (I guess I was using it as my procrastination excuse, you know, “Oh just one more episode won’t hurt”, yeah well, all nighters finishing off assignments proved that wrong.). So, if you’re into sitcoms, I recommend.

3 – Orphan Black

Now this is an awesome idea of a show. he storyline, which I’m not telling anything about because there are twists and turns like you can’t believe! Tatiana Maslany is one of the most talented actresses I have seen. If you’re into wanting unpredictability and to be surprised, once again I recommend (if I didn’t recommend then why would I have put it on this list?).

4 – Star Trek (all of them)

I love sci-fi. I guess it started at an early age with binge watching Star Trek Voyager as a child. Now I know, there are many different shows, but I couldn’t pick just one. I have a special place in my heart for every one. It all started with “Voyager”. Captain Janeway was my hero. I also love the new one, “Discovery”. It is just fantastic, with a female lead (which is always a plus). From the old to the new, they have all sparked my love of sci-fi.

5 – Maniac

This is a new Netflix original starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. It is a difficult one to explain, but it is so well done. I guess it could fall under the sci-fi genre… but the storyline and characters are great. The only thing I recommend doing is don’t come into the show expecting anything. It’s strange, but in a good way.

These are some of my favourites, not all (because I watch a lot of Netflix and series, something not to be proud of when you’re supposed to be studying 😉 ). I recommend all of these.

And that’s all folks.

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