My Thoughts On: Bullet Journals

Alright, so for those of you that have read my recent posts (wink wink, nudge nudge, cough cough, hint hint, for those you that haven’t), I have mentioned quite a lot about my need to stop procrastinating, increase my productivity and all that jazz (a little Chicago reference for you musical theatre fiends out there). Now I have done my research on different techniques, tips and tricks and one that came up a lot was the Bullet Journal!!!!!!

Not going to lie I found out about the bullet journal in around December of 2016 and tried to use the technique, or whatever, over the course of 2017 and half of 2018. So I have a little bit of experience when it comes to this and I have decided to share with all of you here about my experience with it and what I think about it (duh ,obviously because it is the second instalment in my “My thoughts On” series, so why wouldn’t I tell you what I thought about it).

So, to begin my fantastic tale of my journey of Bullet Journal we go back to November of 2016. Little ol’ me was on YouTube (which has not changed, except I might mix it up a bit and watch Netflix). Now me and YouTube go through phases (and I assume most do). For example, for around the first 5 months or so of 2017 I was on a minimalism lifestyle, wardrobe etc binge (which I guess is what made me change to a more minimalistic, clutter-ish free life. If you want to read up more about minimalism and me, might I suggest my post Minimalism and Me? Wink nudge cough hint, shameless self-promotion 😉 ).                                                                                                                                        Now 2016 was the year of the DIY youtuber. I was subscribing left and right to as many of the DIY channels as I could, because I was going to make my room all aesthetic (ugh) and such (but it didn’t last too long). I happened to stumble upon whatisname‘s (can remember who, it was a long time ago, goodness about 2 years. Boy does time fly) channel with their video of bullet journaling, with some generic title like “November Plan with Me”, or something (quick rundown, this is when they film while they are making all their pages for the month. Interesting, eh). I watched it and it piqued (cool sounding word, piqued) my interest. I went on a binge of bullet journal video after bullet journal video, until I happened to stumble upon this video simple titled “Bullet Journal” on the channel Ryder Carroll (  It is the original creator telling how and why he created this system of diarising and planning.

I had already tried different methods of planning to try and remember all my homework, assignments and tests for school. I had ended up with diary that looked something like a half cut A5 note book it wasn’t too bad, it was functional, but I still wasn’t satisfied. So, this new system of planning and diarising was a welcome idea.

After watching the original bullet journal video, that it was actually simple as he only used a black pen and a note book. But when I was watching all these other videos these people had drawings and colours and stickers and flowers and calligraphy and washi tape, can’t forget the freaking washi tape (some of it was quite nice actually). Now don’t get me wrong their spreads, as they’re called, were all beautiful and the hand writing was gorgeous, but I’m not an artsy doer, I’m more of an artsy observer…. And my handwriting is like chicken-scratch-print-cursive hybrid, so I was highly doubting that if I were to try these pretty spreads that it would just fall apart.

They were also using these fancy “lebeluchte-dermatologist something 1969 something” dotted journal (I couldn’t be bothered to look up the actual name). I looked up the price and was like, honey the pages better be made of silk for that price (I don’t think you can write on silk, but I’m sure you get the idea). But for some reason I didn’t give up there, I decided to take one of the many notebooks I own (because I’m a bit of a stationery nut, which isn’t the best when you never use the stupid things because they are just too pretty) and just start. It took me various pencil sketches and trying to make it look pretty and guess what it didn’t look too bad…psyke it looked awful.

To make this long and drawn out story short I continued trying different spreads and ideas all throughout 2017. I just couldn’t keep up with the whole constantly trying to make it pretty and having to everyday do some sort of fancy thing. I know I know, your shaking your heads and saying “But why didn’t you just do what the creator guy did?” and the answer to that is “I don’t know”, perhaps I was just trying to fit in, who knows, but I put the effort (for the first few weeks and that was just too long).

I don’t think it is for everyone, it does not work for me. I couldn’t, and probably still can’t keep up with the constant arrowing and all that. If you’re artsy and like to make things pretty with decorations and such, perhaps this is for you. But I did get one thing out of it that I am still using, this is the monthly overview in calendar idea thing from (basically it’s in calendar format and then you just write down what needs to be done on those days, plain and simple). This has actually helped me in the long run and I highly recommend it as it gives you an outline of how many days you have till this etc.

My concluding thoughts: Bullet Journal functional for a few, but useless to me. But give it a try, at least you can say you did it. I understand that it is a way for people to express themselves and all that. I learnt a few things and use them. Perhaps this will help you become more productive and less of a procrastinator.

And that’s all folks.

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