Christmas in Summer; a how to

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, and one of my favourite times of year. Now, don’t come at me about making a Christmas post in the middle of November, because, why not? My favourite memories are of Christmas over the years are of swimming with my cousins and siblings (what else are you going to do on a hot December day), and there was sunburn, so I got to match the traditional Christmas colour, red!

This is how to do Christmas in summer, or so according to me who has never had a white Christmas, because I live in the Southern hemisphere and it is summer in December (obviously).

So, how should you do Christmas in summer? No big fluffy Santa hats, no ugly sweaters (because you will definitely find out why they got this name), no jackets and definitely no boots. Think shorts, t-shirt, bathing suit, and flip flops/ sandals.  Try for a Christmas brunch, instead of a heavy traditionally western Christmas dinner of roast chicken, mashed potatoes etc, because heat and heavy food do not mix (or so I’ve gathered from experience).  I don’t think I have ever seen a live Christmas tree, we have always had the same plastic fake tree for as long as I can remember, this I think is because (and again with the temperatures) heat and live trees not planted do not do so well together (unless you like the look of a brown wilted decaying fir tree, then go ahead with it).  And lastly perhaps try going for a swim to combat the heat.

I think the take away of this is if you have never experienced a summer Christmas, is that it’s not too bad (as it’s the only Christmas I’ve experienced, and I like to think you can trust my judgement) as long as you do not expect the traditional Christmas you are used to.  And perhaps one day you’d want to experience a Southern hemisphere, hot summer Christmas.

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