Productivity Challenge

It’s kind of difficult being what I call a chronic procrastinator and knowing you need to study.
I mean just this morning I had an exam about mid morning. I had around 4 hours to study a little extra , but did I study for all those hours? Nope, I probably spent 45 minutes over those 4 hours….. and how did I spend the other 3 hours and 15 minutes you ask? Well it was spent either watching YouTube or Netflix who knows?
Luckily I had made notes and actually studied before hand, otherwise I may not have walked out that exam confident that I at least passed (because really all I need is pass to get through, even though I know I could have studied more….).

I guess it’s all about self control if you can put off the pleasure for a few extra hours to study then do so… because I know that feeling of actually walking out of an exam confidently knowing that I’ll pass, because I studied.

To go along with my chronic procrastination I am a constantly anxious ball of stress. So that’s fun. The stress just builds and builds because I am doing nothing about it, due to the procrastination. And due to this I am not productive because in too preoccupied with worrying about needing to be productive. It’s just a never ending circle slowly spiralling towards in sanity (not literally, but perhaps maybe)

I think I need to be more productive by procrastinating less, perhaps that’ll get me out of the procrastination slump.  A challenge to not procrastinate. Ill research productivity tips, tricks and hacks (I don’t know why they call it a hack? Like are you hacking something down with an ax?), try a few of ’em out, and perhaps give you feed back on it.

I shall leave you with the question will these life hacks/tips&tricks actually increase my Productivity?

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