My Thoughts On: Scented Candles

I’ve decided to create a series or whatever you want to call it, called “My Thoughts On”, because they will literally be my thought on blank. I don’t know how else to explain it.

This first instalment in this series of posts will be scented candles.

Now I find scented candles a little overrated, but I still use them. Yes, yes, this may seem hypocritical but let me explain. It is an extremely cliché thing that seems to be constantly apart of the classic Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, or whatever, room décor, and yet I can’t help myself. They smell so good and work better than any air freshener I have come into contact with.

They come up with the most arbitrary scents, that don’t make any sense, like urinal cake scent who could even want a room to smell like a toilet (not me that’s for sure). I’m more of a simple scent type a gal. For example, I enjoy vanilla and sandalwood. But the best scented candle I have found so far is Black Amber & Ginger Lily. This scent is chef-kissing-fingers fantastic.

My concluding thoughts: scented candles are overrated but I still use them. They make scents (get it scents sounds like sense, I’m so good at puns, aren’t I?). So you do you, if scented candles are your jam, go for, just don’t over do it too much.

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