Minimalism and Me

I have tried for around the past year and a half to try a lifestyle of minimalism. Believe me it is not as easy as it sounds. I guess I wanted to become more organised, not that I wasn’t already, I mean I keep my bookshelf and university notes/textbooks all in alphabetical order and enjoy a somewhat tidy workspace, but I wanted to improve on organisation in other aspects of my life. I also didn’t want to be too caught up in material possessions, and to try and live a happier and healthier life.

I began by doing research. I watched YouTube videos, read articles online and read blog posts. This minimalism thing does not happen overnight, and I tried to improve three areas (spending, wardrobe, and room) of my life first, each individually instead of going head first into this.

Now I’m not the best when it comes to saving, I mean I do have savings, but if I wasn’t such an impulse shopper then I most likely would have a bit more money. The thing is I don’t really spend it on clothes or room décor or things like that, I spend it on food. I’m a somewhat healthy eater, but still eat my fair share of take out and junk food. Trying not to spend my money on junk has still managed to escape me, but I have gotten better. I’m glad it has gotten better especially since saving is an important part of being an adult (or so I’ve heard).

I don’t really like to wear bright colours, like yellows or bright greens, I mainly stick to dark colours, like black (which is the majority of my wardrobe), denim, and blues (mainly midnight/navy blues). I do have some colour but prefer to limit the amount as it does limit matching choices, and I enjoy my outfits being cohesive (even though I do spend most of my day in pyjamas, that is when I am not in class or trying to act like a social person). Since my wardrobe palette (such a fancy word, palette) was, and still is, pretty monochromatic and minimalistic, I think I was already one step closer to my goal. All I really did was get rid of the clothing that I least wore or didn’t wear at all, which was quite a lot.

I also tried to simplify my room. I got rid of useless decorations (don’t get me wrong if décor is your thing and that’s how you like your room, go ahead). I wanted a space free from clutter (except for the famous clothes chair which still piles up every so often). The walls are bare except for a mirror, a picture (which is not useless) and my fantastic calendar that reminds every day that I have deadlines coming up and I still haven’t gotten around to finishing the tasks (thanks calendar for the extra anxiety whenever I see you).

I’ve come to realise through trying to minimalize my possessions and spending, that minimalism is actually a lifestyle. But this is just my experience. I’ve slowly gotten better at saving, my wardrobe is not just 3 items of clothing because that would be extreme minimalism (which before I started this, is what I thought a minimal wardrobe was) and I feel less mind clutter. I recommend trying two months of minimalism and if you find that it’s not for you then so what, you tried something different and whenever someone brings up minimalism you can brag about already trying it before it was a trend. Just an idea.

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