Current Favourite Jams List

No, I’m not talking about apricot or strawberry jam (although that is fantastic on toast don’t get me wrong, but that’s for another time). I’m talking about music, my bops and jams that get me going. My hype songs cause I’m a kool kid who party’s all the time (oops, once again jokes on you, I’m a dance in my room by myself, never leave my room kid).

These are in no particular best/worst order, and only providing 5 because I could be here all day and don’t particularly want to. They most likely won’t the same in a few months or even weeks as there are always new things to discover (and if you listen to something over and over again it gets sooo annoying. Or maybe this is just me, who knows). I’ll also be providing my reasons behind why I like these songs, because personally I find peoples reasons behind their likes interesting and so I’ll do just that. Most of these are just random songs I found while researching new music and I just clicked with them.

1 Mating Ritual – I Can’t Dance

This is just a song that gets me moving. It’s such a bop. And the intro just fantastic. Mating Ritual you have created the perfect dance-like-no-one-is-watching song, congratulations.

2 Sales – Chinese New Year

This is a quality lo-fi song with a singer who has the oddest voice, but it just works with the overall “vibe” (I don’t know another word for it. Using the word vibe makes me sound like a “kool kid”). It’s extremely catchy which gets me dancing every time it comes up.

3 I Set The Sea on Fire – Tastes like funk

Once again, the into just gets you in the soul. It’s another bop that just gets you going. It’s so feel good. The lyrics are just fantastic and go with the music perfectly.

4 Wallows – Pictures of Girls

This bands lead singer is the main guy from that Goosebumps movie with Jack Black, Dylan Minnette (talented guy). Once again, a recurring theme, the intro of a song just gets to me. If it is a boring intro, then what’s the point of continuing on (just my opinion though)? Its another song that just gets me going you know. Makes you wanna jump and dance.

5 Young the Giant – My Body  

Another great intro, it builds up to the first verse and just gets going. The lyrics are just catchy, simple yet are still so great, which is a sign of good song in my humble opinion.


My top 5 dance jams list is complete. I guess the trend is needs to have a good into, a good tune and great lyrics. Try listening to them, or not.

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