My Toxic Love Affair

I am not the most focused of people when it comes to completing anything ahead of time. Believe me when I say that I spent most of my first year of university up late finishing off assignments or studying for a test that should have been studied for already. This is all your fault, you entice me with other things that are productive in their own way but are not productive to the task at hand.

Oh, I know the sweet feeling of relief when things are done before time, when an assignment is completed even just a day before the due date. I’ve experienced this once or twice in my life and tell myself again and again that I really need to experience that slight euphoria again. But still I keep putting it off and off until I have this mad rush of needing to complete the task in the least amount of time possible, because you made me crave that adrenaline rush of a time crunch

I think the reason that I continue to turn to you is that I still get the task done, and I feel like the task would not be as good if I had done it in advance. You have created a false sense of accomplishment that feels just as good as the real thing

My tango with you is one that has lasted for many many years. You have made me clean my room, made me whisper to myself “Just one more episode”, and even made me turn to doing random bouts of yoga, just so that I could have one more hour away from my true love of timely accomplishment.

Why oh, why do I still continue to turn to you even though I know you’re bad for me? You are not the perfect match for me, you are not the one I am meant to be with. And yet here I am writing about our love affair instead of doing what needs to be done.

O Procrastination, Procrastination wherefore art thou Procrastination? You my dear are one dangerous creature and I can’t help but fall under your spell.

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