Why This, Why Now?

According to a quick google search, the meaning of panorama is “an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer”. I’m here to show the view of my experience as a human, hopefully you realised that I am a human and not a goldfish. If there are any goldfish reading this: Hi, hello, how are you? Please feel free to contact me and tell me how you found my blog and how you are able to use the internet, thank you.

Apologies, I got a little side-tracked on the whole sentient goldfish thing but I’m back now to trying to explain why I created this blog.

I am a university student who, instead of studying and actually doing the work required to get my degree, decided to start a blog. I’ve been interested in starting a blog for years but for too long I haven’t, and I’ve have been too afraid to. But you know what, why not? If no one stumbles upon my blog in the vast sea of the interwebs, it will just be my own little oasis of letters and words on a screen for me to enjoy.

I’m just going to post whatever I feel like posting or in other words, I have no idea what I am going to post, so I’ll just make it up as I go along.

Going back to the explanation of why I titled my blog Panorama of Human Experience, a couple months back, I was going through the notes in my phone where I jot down whatever thoughts and musings come to my mind (be it random little anecdotes or just a jumble of words or phrases) and stumbled upon a list titled “QUOTES”. Don’t ask me why it was titled quotes because the majority of what is on that list is just little phrases that I had found interesting or had just made up completely.  While reading through the obscure phrases, lo and behold what was the phrase that jumped out at me? Why, it was “panorama of human experience”. As I read it I thought “you know what, wouldn’t this be a cool name for a blog or something?”. But I didn’t start one, because I was too afraid; afraid of ridicule, afraid of no response, afraid of… who knows? I guess I was just giving myself excuses for not doing it.

Up until 3 days ago I had completely forgotten about the entire idea of ever having a blog. I was doing what I do most Friday evenings, lying in bed alone in my room watching Netflix.  I had had enough of whatever I was watching and decided to look at my to-watch-list, which to tell you is long is an understatement.

As I was scrolling through I saw a movie and thought why not, it’s not my usual jam but I’ll try and watch it anyway. This movie, Julie & Julia, (quick synopsis in case you’ve never heard of it or seen it (no spoilers because I don’t like a spoiler so I ain’t gonna be one): Julie decides to cook all the recipes, give or take 500, from Julia’s cook book in a year. Julie starts a blog and shares her cooking journey with her readers. The story line follows both women, Julia in the 1940s when she is writing the book and Julies cooking journey. It’s based on a true story so kudos to the real Julie and Julia) once again the idea was sparked to start a blog. I researched possible sites, looked at prices of domains and started my blog. I decided not to let fear rule my life and just do it (insert Shia LeBeouf here, an oldie but a goodie).

I decided to just share my life experiences (not that I’m very experienced, I am over 18 so I’m an adult and make my own choices, but still don’t have that baby boomer level experience). Perhaps you will get some enjoyment out of it or perhaps you’ll have experienced something similar and have found a sister in arms, who knows.

So, to answer the post title questions Why this? Because why not? Why now? Because why in the holy donut holes not?

And that, dear reader/s is the somewhat basic and longish gist of my blog starting story. Hopefully it piqued your interest and are excited to read more from me. Join me and see my life through my eyes.

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